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VIM – Specman indentation

For a long time I was using VIM’s Smartindent feature while typing, and was quite satisfied.

However, last week I’ve tried to read an annoying .e file with zigzag lines. Well, I thought, I’m using VI – the Super Editor. It must have a re-indent feature, doesn’t it?

Quick Googling gave me “gg=G” keystroke. It indeed re-indented the whole file, but it made some strange decisions…

It appears that every VIM “filetype” (i.e., supported language) should have supporting indentation file, and Specman doesn’t have such!

Well, now it has 🙂


Just put it under:


And reload VI.

Of course, feedback is welcome 🙂



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Boot Windows before Ubuntu (or other Linuxes)

Have you ever installed a Linux distro in a dual-boot configuration?

Usually (at least with Debian/Ubuntu based distros) the default OS won’t be Windows, but the new Linux.

While it might be desirable sometimes, it’s not always the case…

Even if you change the default from Linux to Windows, it’s not a long-term solution. As soon as there will be a new kernel update, the boot menu will be changed, and the Windows entry will move down. Alas, now the default will be memtest, or the old Linux kernel 😦

Much better solution is this:    (for Grub2 systems)

$ cd /etc/grub.d/
$ ls -1

This is the order of the boot sequence. Yours might be a little bit different (06_mint is specific for Linux Mint).
Windows entry is  30_os-prober .

So just run:

$ sudo mv 30_os-prober 08_os-prober

You might want to verify that it’s looks OK with “ls”.

And now:

$ sudo update-grub

Reboot and enjoy 🙂

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