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Let VIM locate the file for you…

A very nice feature of VIM is the ‘gf’ command (go to file), which will open the file under cursor.

However, if there is a line like this:

 import my_file

“my_file.e” won’t be opened, because vim looks for “my_file”.

This can be easily solved, by adding this to your .vimrc

:set sua=.e

And to the more interesting part…

Q: If “my_file.e” isn’t located in the current directory, how will VIM find it?

A: The same way Specman does. With ‘specman_path’!

Adding this snippet to your .vimrc will do the trick 🙂

let &path = system(“echo $SPECMAN_PATH | sed ‘s/:/,/g'”)
if strlen(&path) == 0
     let &path = “.”



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