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SSH through SOCKS proxy


I’ve encountered the need to SSH from my machine to the Internet.
Unfortunately, it had to be through a SOCKS proxy.

Googling gave me a lot of tips how to -create- a SOCKS proxy with SSH, but it was much harder to find information how to -use- a SOCKS proxy with SSH.

Summing it all up:

compile this:

put it in somewhere in your PATH,

and try something like this:
ssh -v -o ProxyCommand="connect -S my.socks.proxy.com %h %p" git@github.com

(pay attention to NOT use socks://my.socks… format)

if it works, you can make this configuration permanent:
echo .*: >> ~/.ssh/config
echo ProxyCommand="connect -S my.socks.proxy.com %h %p" >> ~/.ssh/config

And now just:
ssh git@github.com


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